About Us

Celebrating over 67 years of Education 1956-present

Crumlin College has built an excellent reputation over 65 years by providing education and training programmes of the highest quality. The college staff, a highly motivated and dedicated team, have ensured that course developments match student requirements and industry trends through continuous innovation develop their skills in this area.

We provide a range of accredited courses. Whether you want to be a chef, sports therapist, computer technician, web designer, accountant, beautician, hairdresser, travel agent, beauty consultant, sales representative, or a florist, we have a course for you. We offer practical training, giving you useful, adaptable skills.

Mission Statement

Crumlin College strives to achieve excellence in the field of Further Education by providing a supportive environment in which effective learning and development can take place for both students and staff.


Crumlin College is a proud participant in the Erasmus Programme.

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How to find us

Crumlin College of Further Education, Crumlin Road, Dublin 12

+353 1 454 0662